Let’s Get To Work!

Let’s Get To Work!

I was awakened out of my sleep a few times this week with God ministering and downloading so much to my Spirit! This morning there was a prompting to give more and do more! Not so much in doing that my focus is on working and I forget the very essence of God in the moment. God pressed upon my heart that sometimes there is so much more work that needs to be done and we can’t sit idly by and allow things to just build up and we give no attention to it! He allowed me to see the importance of balance and work! Rest and work! Work and rest!

There are moments in our lives that God is calling us to work, work, work, but in those moments He will make sure we have the provision and the fortitude to do so! And the work will definitely be unto Him as He has directed us. Then there are times when He’s just like sit here, lay here, listen to me, talk to me and we need to be able to flow in that way just as well!

Chosen is in its prime, but God is also doing some rapid and swift things in the ministry as a whole and within us as individuals. Pastor C acknowledged business owners, college grads, students, workers, and all this past week! In looking at every demographic of persons represented there was one key element that we all had to start with! That element is starting and building and often times very small!  We had to start somewhere.

God has given us all something to do in the kingdom and we must do it with all that He has given us! We can’t get weary in our doing because it’s in the small moments that will allow God to elevate us as He sees fit! The Word says, “Do not despise the day of small beginnings!” Do you think there would have been a CHOSEN had Pastor C not allowed God to give Him a vision and he move in that vision with no true idea of what God was going to do and how? There’s a major vision that God has given Pastor for the ministry and guess what, had Pastor given up in the beginning, with small numbers, smaller space, God would not have been able to elevate in the way that He is doing so now!

The same is with us in our quest for more of God in our lives! Our relationship with God has to be top tier! We have to have a vision for how we desire to seek God and to honor God in our daily lives! Whether a student, a parent, a worker or the likes we have to start somewhere! We have to know that every moment we spend with God, He builds on that!

Our spiritual journeys are the exact way when it comes to building! Some may start out with five minutes of prayer and five minutes in the Word, but over time things will begin to shift and we look up and it’s been hours of us in our Word and praying before God! We can’t knock where we start at! Although at different stages of our journeys, it’s beautiful to see the growth within so many! GOD DID THAT!

As we are increasing and as we are shifting, continue to build on what you’ve already been given! Spend a little more time in your Word! Dig a little deeper!

I’ll go a little further to say that if there are things that you are struggling with and you know God is saying to release then start small if you don’t think you can give it up completely in the moment! I love sprite, in fact I was supposed to give sprite up last year! It had a hold on me y’all, but slowly I started to make small adjustments in giving it up! From almost 3/4 sprites a day to maybe one until it was just one a week instead of daily! God wants to honor every small step that you make in the right direction in obedience to Him!

God isn’t looking for perfection, He’s looking for a willing heart to be obedient to the call on your life! And Yes that call may mean giving up sprite so I can fully give God what He needs In that moment! And if you think it’s not that deep, think again! It really is!

There is so much work that needs to continue to get done within Chosen and within our personal lives and we have to start somewhere! Starting without the excuses and allowing God to have His way! It’s such a great thing to see where you came from and to see where you are now in the moment!

We went from a small, beautiful place in downtown Dayton to a huge beautiful place in Clayton, Ohio that’s being renovated for a SCHOOL! Nobody but God can do that…NOBODY!

Don’t despise the small beginnings! In those moments God can do something major! He’s able to fix our attitudes! We’re able to make mistakes that may not cost us as much had we started out big and grand! Everything that we do and all that we are should glorify God!

There is still so much work to be done! And Chosen is the ministry that I know God can fully use as we align perfectly with His Will!

Are you ready to work? What small step can you take to help build the Kingdom, support your ministry and expand in your personal relationship with God and those endeavors He has called you to do?


Zechariah 4:10
Job 8:7
2 Corinthians 4:18
Colossians 3:23-24

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