Jesus! Jesus! Jesus! To know the depths of God’s Love for Us as He CHOSE US, brings my heart to full JOY!!!

Ever been a part of activities at school, in the neighborhood or in general when you or someone else had to pick people for a team? Those who appeared faster, more athletic or smarter, would be the first ones chosen. If you were the last one chosen, people saw you as inadequate or less than. They saw you as someone who wouldn’t be able compete on the level that they needed to gain victory. The person who had to choose last, was more than likely upset because they had to go with the person that appeared to have the most “flaws” and who appeared rather “weak” in terms of what they needed to accomplish. The Team Captain showed no form of leadership potential at all because most of the time their attitude was horrible due to having to pick someone they thought couldn’t measure up.

I’m so glad that God knew my flaws and decided that I’m still going to choose her!

You see, we all have “flaws” that others tend to have no “use for.” When it comes to others and how they deem us as insufficient, inadequate, or full of flaws, GUESS WHAT???? We can’t be too worried about how people view us, negatively, as we are striving to live like God instructed. We are God’s Workmanship and He will continue working on, molding and equipping us until our time on this earth is done!

Take those “flaws” and allow God to benefit from the use of all that He has imparted in YOU!!! Allow God to make the adjustments in you that He desires to change! He created you and know exactly what needs to be purged away!

As God spoke in 2 Corinthians 12: 9, “His Grace Is Sufficient enough; it’s all that we need. It’s His Strength that comes to full maturity in our weaknesses.” Those areas that we are weak in, God’s Strength can make them be some of the very things that He uses to bring Him Glory.

The people that others picked and chose over as a result of their flaws… GOD CHOSE!

Yep, GOD CHOSE YOU!!!! He chose you way before your existence. God foreknew all there was to know about you and he still decided that you were going to be HIS! From the very beginning, God CHOSE you. You were first on HIS TEAM! He didn’t decide to use you, develop you and create you based on the views and opinions of others. God knew every corner you would turn! He knew how you would at one stage of your life choose the world over Him and YET, He still decided to Choose you and Chase after you! God knew how you would eventually engage Him and still decided that YOU were the better fit for the vision He had for His Kingdom. Born in sin from the very beginning, God knew in advance that we would eventually be conformed to the image of His Son (Romans 8: 29). He knew He would use YOUR STORY to gain the affection of others in search for something beyond themselves! Yo! GOD CHOSE YOU! Whew Jesus!

I get it, everyone isn’t going to be running to choose us every chance they get, but even in that we MUST know that God has already made provision for us. He has already given His seal of approval for us. He’s not tossing us away because we don’t fit the “mold” of the most fit, the prettiest or the richest. He Chose you and said this one belongs to ME!

Even if you feel far away from God, He still chose you and has made it possible for you to start over and get it right with Him again. The WORD says that if we confess our sins and repent then God is FAITHFUL and JUST to forgive our sins and CLEANSE US!!! Can we say FRESH START!!! Being CHOSEN gives us an opportunity for fresh starts! It’s not too late to get back in right standing with God. It’s not too late to cry out and allow God to show you that HE ALREADY CHOSE YOU! You don’t have to DO or BE! It’s let of God and Him already placing you in His Arms!

God Loves you too much to just let you go so easy!!! Think of some of the things that you feel have moved you away from God, then place your hand over your heart!!! Do you feel that heartbeat? YES?!?!? That’s God letting you know that HE CHOSE YOU and HE LOVES YOU!!!

I love y’all!

✨ Yalonda


Tralena - October 14th, 2022 at 12:37pm

🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾 I am CHOSEN!!!

Shelle - October 16th, 2022 at 12:21pm

This is remarkably, BEAUTIFUL! How can we forget who we are when GOD shows us who he is on such a daily basis? He is so POWERFUL & I’m very grateful for this blog & His grace & mercy.