Return Back!!!

Happy New Year Chosen Fam!

We have officially crossed over to a NEW YEAR and I’m so In awe of what God has already started doing and what He will continue doing! As I look back over 2022, I must say that GOD DID THAT!!! Did what you say???? He has allowed people from all different walks of life, backgrounds, spiritual levels and so much more come together and be on one accord to worship as THE CHOSEN CHURCH! God showed Himself MERCIFUL the past almost 8 months! 😭🙌🏾🥹🙌🏾🙌🏾 JESUS!
As I was nearing the end of 2022, God had spoke to me about RETURNING BACK! There were moments of our lives where we drifted away from God, for whatever reason! Our fervor and zeal for God hadn’t been where it had been originally when we said, “YES,” to God! Our hearts had seen some very interesting moments that made us question Who we really are!!?!?!! And whether walking this out was even worth it!

✨NewsFlash: LIFE WITH GOD IS SOOOO WORTH IT! ✨🙌🏾 So you better walk that walk like your life depended on it! BECAUSE IT DOES!

On Sunday, Pastor C, helped drive this message forth by having us all rededicate our lives back to God! None of us are exempt from getting back right with God! That part of service should have placed a desire in our hearts to do better and be better than we were even minutes before! God is saying, “Come Back To Me! Fall Back In Love With Me! Give Me All Of YOU! Seek Me, First!” ✨GLORY! GLORY! GLORY!✨

We have work to do in the Kingdom! We have to CONTINUE to make History!💃🏽💃🏽It’s going to take some Souled Out, On Fire, and Sanctified and WILLING Men and Women to fulfill the vision God has given!


✨ What was it like when you first fell in Love with Jesus? Who were you mentally and spiritually? What feelings did you have? What was going on and who were you around or connected to? What made you fall in love with Christ?

✨What took you away from God? What has your process back to God been like? What do you need to repent from and change to fully grasp the full depths of Gods Love for you and falling in love and staying in Love with JESUS? What disciplines and things can you begin to include in your daily life so that you can begin to form an alignment with knowing and being in God?

I’ve had some time to take inventory on these questions and God has been showing me a lot! It’s been amazing getting back in proper placement of just wanting to be in God’s Presence! I want to be able to allow the presence of God to illuminate on the outside of me so that others can see God and not me!

If you don’t think you’ve fallen away from God at all or never had this experience then ask God for a refill of Him and how you could go even deeper in Him and allowing His Presence to overtake you even more!

Let’s settle in our hearts and Spirit that it’s ✨GOD OR NOTHING✨

I love y’all! Happy New Year!

Yalonda ✨🌸


Tralena - January 3rd, 2023 at 10:40am

Return back!!! This is good!! This year we have to return back to God but then allow Him to propel us forward and make History!!! Man what a year 2022 was but 2023 is about to be even better! Chosen is going up!!

Craig Walder - January 8th, 2023 at 9:15pm

As we enter into this 21 day journey, let us do it with a heart to TURN BACK TO OUR 1ST LOVE!