How many times have you sat and listened to someone complain and bicker about everything possible? Better yet how many times have you sat and complained about every little thing and never offering a solution? I’ve lost count on how many times I’ve complained and made EXCUSES about why something wasn’t done and why I wasn’t capable of doing this and that!

I’m always going back to the man at the pool in John 5! He had a whole sermon ready as to why he hadn’t received his healing and why he hadn’t made it into the pool! After 30 something years you would have thought he would have found some way to get in there. His main excuse was PEOPLE!

Y’all gone keep on waiting on people before you start walking in the manifestation of what God has called you too! I learned my lesson and whew! Keep waiting on people to lift you up! Some don’t even have the capacity to do so, which means you’ll miss out on so much of what God has for you, when your focus is on people and not on what GOD CAN DO!
Okay… Back Focused, BUT

He expressed that he had nobody to put him in there! I had a few eye rolls even as I type this! For many reasons! I’ve been in that man shoes and had every excuse known to man on why I wasn’t able to do this or why I was still in a certain position! I’ve also been the person where I just wish I didn’t have to hear all the complaints from others and in my head I’m constantly saying ARE YOU FINISHED YET?

God asked one simple question: Do you want to be healed? It’s either a Yes or a No! Either you want healing or you don’t! Either you want to be Free or you don’t! Either you want to walk in victory or you don’t! A little harsh? Maybe! But In reality if you don’t have a solution and you always got a problem along with many excuses then how much change is going to actually take place in your life!


We have to be tired of our own mess! The reality is that until you’re tired, you will continue to deal with the same issues. You want a job, but you spend a whole work day scrolling social media. You want better grades in school, but you aren’t doing any of the work you already have. You want God to increase your finances, but you have yet to tithe off the finances you already got. All in all, we want God to perform these miraculous things in our life, but we have yet to make time for Him, seek Him, or Praise Him! We have yet to rid our lives of the things He has been telling us to let go of for yearsssss!!!

Yes! Our problems are real! Our situations are real! But We need to realize that God is also REAL!

What if every time, we seek God for something, He has an excuse as to why He couldn’t do it?

We all have different issues and a number of reasons why, in our own strength, things can’t get done! The TRUTH is, though, nothing is ever done in our strength, but in God’s! I had to know and understand this for myself!

Last week, I was asked about going forth in something I had initiated years ago! In the midst of giving all these excuses they hit me with a whammy in the middle of my talking as if to say, “ARE YOU FINISHED YET?” But their words were more like… Soooo what are you about to do NOW??? I was speaking of excuses that no longer had any bearing over my life! WHY HADN’T I MOVED FORWARD WITH THIS?

Them excuses were holding me hostage and I wasn’t even in the same space I was in when I first started making them excuses! Go figure!

It’s time out for making excuses! We honestly just need to get to it! There is so much potential in all of us for all of it to be sitting on the sidelines waiting to get thrown into the game!

God’s Kingdom needs more go getters and more solution minded people so that when life throw them curve balls, we know how to attack them from the beginning!

Look at Abraham and Sarah, they were OLD! Sarah even laughed when the Lord said her and Abraham would conceive a child even though they were already past “natural” child bearing age! When the Lord heard her laugh, she lied about laughing! See! Her excuse was that she was old! What you feel you are incapable of doing, God already knows what you’re capable of!


I’ve laughed in “doubt” a lottttt since being at CHOSEN! I wasn’t challenged and forced to move out my comfort zone until I came. So When I had people speaking to the God in me and calling me out to the forefront as God has instructed, I wasn’t ready! It sounded foreign! I laughed because in my mind I was like Lord they ain’t speaking to me! Yeah you tried it! Those were my exact words y’all! 😂 God had to get me together!

My excuses were because I wasn’t focused on what God could do, but on my own inadequacies! When I moved based on what I felt I was capable of, I was in so many words, saying God couldn’t make it happen!

When you fail to move when God says move, and when you start to look at yourself….THE ONE GOD CREATED… I feel we are saying our Creator has no knowledge of what His Creation could do!It’s as if I’m calling God a liar! If He placed it in me, then He is able to fulfill everything through me during that season of my life!

We are all walking in this new level of intensity as we transition into powerful Godly men and women! In walking this thing out we have to speak the opposite of what we feel! As we speak the opposite, we will be more solution focused versus having so many excuses!

Whatever it is that you are dealing with and trying to break free from, just know it starts with just getting to it! Rest in God! Rely on God! Seek God on what you are desiring to change!

After a while you’re going to get tired of your own excuses! I was tired of mine! I always pictured God asking me was I finished yet! Instead of talking about it, let’s start putting forth the effort to make the changes we desire to see! God will meet you where you are! You just have to move to get somewhere!

As Minister Asia says, “Pray the solutions!”

Prayers to you as you journey to finding more solutions versus excuses!

🌟 Yalonda


Darcy - August 20th, 2022 at 1:51pm

YES SIS!! Whew, that one felt like you wrote it just for me... gotta love how God works!! 🙌🏼🙌🏼

Yalonda - August 20th, 2022 at 3:02pm

This was for me too! I think God was telling me to HUSH multiple times this week! 😂

Evonne Williams - August 21st, 2022 at 8:12am

Yess Lord you came straight for me on this one. Are you finished yet? 💛💛. Pray the solutions. Love it💛❤️

Yalonda - August 21st, 2022 at 3:11pm

I needed this myself as we head into a new week.

Tralena - August 21st, 2022 at 12:38pm

Ma'am!!!! This one right here!! No more excuses baby!! GET UP AND GET MOVING! Sheesh!!

Yalonda - August 21st, 2022 at 3:12pm

Get Moving!!!! 💪🏾

Janice Williams - August 22nd, 2022 at 9:54pm

Love your message! I just have to move💕Right on